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Ěy path in dog breeding has started long time ago. It was a “pre-wolfhound” time, in fact it was an era of “cocker spaniel domination” – English cocker spaniels, mono-colored, Finnish-English lines with breeder prefix Nataly Smile (owners – the Kiryushins, N. and I.). Later, after certain tragic events in our family, we needed to buy “a large dog”. We didn’t have differences in opinion – everyone agreed that we needed a friendly giant. Several times before we saw a huge white Irish wolfhound at the shows, but it wasn’t easy to find puppies. It was a pure chance that my friend said: “Look, a girl that I know has got an enormous shaggy dog, and there’s one puppy left for sale.” I am sorry to note that it was said about the most noble creature on Earth – the Irish wolfhound.

Thus I got the cherished phone number. It should be said that Natalya Britaeva who became our breeder, was very careful and thorough choosing “ adoptive parents” for her wolfhound “sons” and “daughters”. Not everyone who called her was allowed to actually meet the puppies. At last, one of October days, we crossed the threshold of her apartment and we saw…oh, my God!

I don’t know what other people feel when meeting an Irish wolfhound for the first time in a closed space, but I will never forget my impression. An enormous gray beauty of a dog, very dignified; not aggressive, but not allowing for any familiarities; not frightening, but rousing respect of her proud calmness – that is how I always remember Taffy (Arnika Mel Rose). And from behind her something rolled forward – a small ( not by dimensions) creature with sweet, touching face and dark expressive eyes. This creature turned out to be Marfa, the last puppy to sell. This “baby” gladly communicated with us, which surprised Natasha a lot, as Marfa, being 4 months, didn’t want “to be sold”. She didn’t like potential owners and her character was quite complicated. She was called Marfa Brin, in her passport, and her father was the same white dog we had seen at the shows – Hassini Sagittarius. Marfa Brin was a dog after my heart, the dog which was God’s gift to me. She had a star life, unfortunately a short one, but she taught me things that I was able to relay to others. It was with Marfusha that we shared our first IW victories, went to participate in dog shows abroad, and it was she who gave us Regina – every breeder’s dream. Her first puppies were registered in OLIV (UIWF) – Union of Irish Wolfhound Fans, and the kennel IZ VOLSHEBNOGO LESA was officially registered with Russian Kynology Federation in May 1995.

In 1996 our kennel acquired two dogs – male and female - from the Irish kennel "NUTSTOWN" (âë. Mr.& Mrs. I. Kelly). Barry of Nutstown – one of the largest wolfhounds (99 cm in withers), first Russian wolfhound to obtain Interchampion title, who also became the champion of Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Georgia, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Baltic states, Russian Kynology Federation; prod father, grandfather and great grandfather of many famous dogs from our kennel. Kelly Marie of Nutstown – international champion, champion of Russia, Belarus, Georgia, Ukraine, Lithuania, National Club, Grand Champion of Russia. In 1998 Barry and Kelly became the best pair of IW at the World championship in Finland.

In 1996 the kennel acquired one more Irish wolfhound, bred in Russia – a great dark brindle bitch named Panda ot Dumy (ow. Novikovy A.&S.). She is the daughter of one of the best Russian breeding bitches Margie Brin ( Marfa’s sister) and a wonderful "Dutchman" Geasa's Matador, Champion of Russia (ow. Kashliak I.). She made the “enchanted family” proud, becoming International champion, Champion of Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Baltic states, Russian Kynology Federation, Baltic Winner -99. In April 1999 the happy couple of Panda ot Dumy and Barry of Nutstown became the happy parents of 5 charming babies (Pantagruel, Persei, Pavlinka, Patricia, Princessa Turandot).

The year of 1997 became one of the happiest in the history of the kennel, when the first “star” – Regina Iz Volshebnogo Lesa (Cidon Belfast CS x Marfa Brin)– was born. She became the first International champion bred in Russia, was awarded the titles of the Champion of Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Georgia, Lithuania, Estonia, Grand Champion of Russia and twice became the Champion of the National IW Club. It wasn’t just once that Regina captivated the experts and IW fans at the Russian and international shows. She is the only IW in Russia to win International Dog Show "Eurasia" for two years in succession (2000, 2001). The color of wheat, wonderful show temperament and ideal movements made her the spark of any show ring. In 1999 in Austria at the European championship she became the 4-th in the Open class among 20 dogs. In July 2001 Regina presented us with long-awaited babies (Sir Lancelot, Skifskiy Voin, Slavniy Viking, Snezhniy Ritsar, Saga O Liubvi, Solveig, Solnechnaya Feya, Snezhnaya Koroleva). The happy father was Oliver Twist Iz Volshebnogo Lesa (Barry of Nutstown ő Kelly Marie of Nutstown), the winner of many specialized dog shows, Champion of Russia, Belarus, Litva, Moldova, National Club, Grand Champion of Russia, tall male of pure Irish blood, combining wonderful exterior with a balanced temperament. Each of his appearances on the show rings gets expert attention, which is proved by high evaluation at many international shows.

One of other stars of the family is Pavlinka. At the tender age of 15 months she became the Best of Breed at Russia- 2000 show. Pavlinka and Oliver Twist became the Best IW Pair at the European Championship 2000 in Poznan (Poland).

In April 2001 "Iz Volshebnogo Lesa" had new babies from Oliver Twist and Patricia Iz Volshebnogo Lesa. She was one of the tallest (88 cm) IW bitches in the Russia and had a wonderful wolfhound character which she passed on to her children.

As the time passes, new dogs are born in the "Iz Volshebnogo Lesa". Many of them took up the torch from their elders and continue to be worth representatives of our kennel at the Russian and International Shows.

* * *

We believe that the major rule of breeding is DO NOT HARM.

Do not harm the breed, so the next generations can admire this awesome age-old stately giant.
The breeding of any type of dogs, their show and breeding career is not only celebration and praise.
It is deep knowledge of the breed plus intuition, luck and hard labor, otherwise the success would be short-lived.
We should remember that we exist for the breed, not the other way round, because for the breed which has
lived through many hundreds of years, a life span of a man is but a grain of sand in the sea.

However, all our successes would have been impossible without assistance and enthusiasm of the dog owners,
who, answering the question “ Where did you get your dog?”, are proud to say:

We are from "Iz Volshebnogo Lesa"

* * *

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